After stems get bucked in different log lengths, equipment is needed to sort and stack them properly in piles. When a pile has sufficient sorted logs, it gets loaded onto a truck and delivered. Small diameter logs with short length can be loaded manually in a truck using ramps or pulleys. However, the majority of stacking as well as loading is done using a hydraulic loader.

Carrier base – Affects mobility & stability

  • A wheeled loader moves around the landing area rapidly but is not sturdy like a tracked loader, which is slow but stable and expensive.
  • The cheapest loader option is a trailer-mounted loader. A tractor unit pushes and pulls it in place, where it remains for the duration of harvest. This means an extraction machine has to deliver stems within reach of this loader.

Types of loaders

Knuckle-boom chargeuse Payeur [Payeur loaders] simulate knuckles of a human hand with a hydraulic boom. Hydraulic grapple helps to catch and move timber to the storing place. The knuckle-boom loaders can be rotated easily from 180° to 360°. Rubber tires are used to improve stability.

Different varieties are available –

  • Crane loader – Offers high productivity with full-circle rotation.
  • Forklift loader – Loader can be raised or lowered with ease. Forks with grapples make picking several wooden logs simultaneously. Loader’s loading time gets saved.
  • Mobile heel boom – The machine is equipped with one grapple and a pair of tongs. Great control is offered, when logs are held from two different places.
  • Advantages of log loaders
  • Long reach – Hydraulic boom allows reaching a maximum of 10 meters.
  • 360° rotating grapple – With full rotation, the machine can offer excellent performance but make sure it has strong bearings and high-quality steel is used.

  • Endurance & durability – Heavy logs can be held for a long time because its boom is strong. Thus, different tasks can be completed without any damage.
  • Versatile – Log loaders can be modified or configured to attach any truck or trailer thus making it versatile.
  • Lightweight– Fine-grained steel is used, so the machine is light in weight.
  • Easy transportation – Generally, log loaders are mounted on trailers or trucks, so transportation becomes easy.

Log loaders are of great help in different sectors, where the loading of heavy items is needed. Loaders are available in different types and mechanical configuration. Some knowledge about these loaders can help you make an appropriate buying choice.