Begin with, what are your perceptions and expectations from SEO? You may have come across many truths and myths about SEO. But do you consider it scammy? Or do you think it is all about rankings? Know that SEO has thrived a lot in these years. There are numerous practices to fight against all the wrongdoings happening in the SEO department. And rankings aren’t the only thing SEO company is based on. The only companies who care about the rankings are scammy. Google hates such who are only concerned about SERP rankings and nothing else. It is not that you must forget rankings entirely, but don’t fixate on it. You must focus on traffic and revenue growth. You can work on the metrics too.

Research with all your might

Before you go into the optimization, you need to do some due diligence and ensure that your plan is relevant to the industry and competition around you. For the same, you need to:

  1. Examine the results for your keywords
  2. Expand into long tail keywords and see their ranks
  3. They help in attracting more ideal audience
  4. Gather URLs and domains for top 30 to 50 search results
  5. Determine which domains show up in the rankings
  6. Check if they are really your competition.

Deliver valuable content

Gone are the days when content creation was all about stuffing in right number of keywords to rank higher in the SERPs. Nowadays, Google is smarter than the keywords. They can determine if you are providing value to the user by your content. So, after you have determined your keywords, you need to create high quality content to offer value to the users. For this, you need to keep your blog updated. Build up an editorial calendar and start publishing and promoting your content. Ensure that the content you are sharing is valuable and helps them to make the right decision. Also, don’t forget about putting in necessary keywords. They must not be a number one priority, but should always be considered.

Offsite optimization

Apart from content, you also need to focus on various aspects like link building. After the Penguin update, Google has always been on the lookout for spammy links. So, if you are a startup, you need to have high quality links in the first place. This can be done by:

  1. Collaborating with other websites
  2. Writing quality content
  3. Regularly posting on your social media and linking to quality content
  4. Build citations for businesses
  5. Create linkable content